How OpsHelm Works

We continuously maintain a series of rules, scripts, and workflows to automatically find and fix misconfigurations in cloud environments. And, when cloud providers change things, we do too — staying up-to-date to keep your environments safe.


Connect OpsHelm to your GCP, AWS, or Azure environments.

OpsHelm continuously monitors your environments for changes in real-time. This way if something happens outside your usual set of rules or parameters, we can act immediately.

A diagram of how OpsHelm connects to your cloud environment


OpsHelm monitors your cloud configuration data and audit logs, establishing an intelligent baseline of your current cloud environments.

And just in case you were wondering, we only look at your cloud assets and their configurations — we never look inside at your data. No PII or customer data is accessed or collected, ever.

OpsHelm is constantly monitoring your cloud for changes, no waiting for the next scan to find out what's gone wrong


Intelligence gathering on how your cloud environments is configured never stops. We continually scan and map your environment to build a deep understanding your infrastructure.

We watch for new signals to determine what's normal, and what's not. Building more context for our rules and analysis engine to make smarter decisions for your environment.

OpsHelm builds context about your environment to let us make decisions that are similar to what your own engineers would choose to do


A continual stream of configuration and event data are sent to OpsHelm to run against our context-aware rules engine. If we find something interesting, we evaluate it against the context we've gathered previously abut your environment, and will trigger an alert if something is amiss.

We're continually passively scanning & analyzing your data for any combinations of issues that could lead to a bad outcome, or cause something unexpected.

OpsHelm can detect issues with your cloud environment within seconds of a change

Remediate & Notify

When OpsHelm detects something's amiss, we revert the change in a non-destructive manner, and places the environment back into the most recent secure state.

OpsHelm users are immediately alerted on their channel of choice (Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, etc.). Users can rollback/override the change if wanted. Every change is logged and visible in the OpsHelm dashboard.

OpsHelm automatically resolves issues and notifies you of the change

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