Helping raise the bar on the security of your infrastructure

We're on a mission to make certain classes of security threats impossible. By building and continuously maintaining solutions that automate security remediation, we're confident we can make your cloud infrastructure more secure by default.

Two members of the OpsHelm founding team

What We Stand For

Collectively, we’ve been in the security industry for more than three-quarters of a century (75 years, gasp!), and we’ve seen a lot. Snake oil. Flashy marketing. Hard-to-use stuff. Products that are bought but never actually used.

We want to be the opposite of that. We promise to:

Build guardrails not gates. Security only works when there is a harmonious relationship with the ops and developer teams. We help these teams work together not apart.

Be usable — our default setting is helpful, not unhelpful. We eliminate toil and repetitive motions by automating the parts of the remediation processes that can be automated.

Deliver fewer alerts, and more action. Never be the "blinking box" security product. We will make you more productive, and never produce alerts instead of delivering action.

How We Got Here

We're a motley crew of security and ops professionals who spent years fighting in the trenches. After a while, a few of us moved on to lead a security consulting business, helping others as they tripped over the same problems we had. It didn't matter how big or small the organization was; everyone felt similar pains and faced the same challenges.

Going from "zero security" to "good security" takes time and constant upkeep — it's a marathon, not a sprint. We found ourselves advising clients to implement automation for more secure infrastructure to help scale their teams and mature their programs. At some point, we figured, why don't we continue doing what we’re great at (building tools to automate security remediation) and make it available to others.

That's what OpsHelm is.

Our goal with OpsHelm is to take the labor-intensive development work required to secure cloud environments and make it turnkey, creating much needed space for security teams to mature their security programs and better leverage their talented security team.

A photo of the OpsHelm team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Bill Gambardella

Co-founder & CEO

Bill has spent the last 16 years building pragmatic security teams and programs large and small, specializing in rapid maturation and scaling. He has held both operational and executive positions — and responded to 2am Saturday incidents in both roles. Bill would like to minimize how often others have to do the same.

Bob Bregant

Co-founder & COO

Bob is a security generalist who has spent the last decade-plus growing from managing ticket queues, to managing systems, organizational security initiatives, security teams, and clients. He has worked with startups, governments, non-profits, and the Fortune 50 — seeing the unique quirks and, more often, finding the common threads that seem to exist across organizations of all stripes.

Kyle McCullough

Co-founder & CTO

Kyle established and led the platform and infrastructure engineering teams at two publicly traded companies. Drawing from his extensive experience building highly scalable, secure infrastructure, he believes strongly that development, infrastructure, and security teams need to work more closely together.

Lee Brotherston

Founding Engineer

Lee is a seasoned security leader with decades of experience at all levels of security, and is the co-author of the hugely successful O'Reilly "Defensive Security Handbook." With a knack for security research (most notably research into TLS Fingerprinting techniques), Lee is regularly invited to speak on a number of podcasts Braking Down Security, Security Weekly, Professionally Evil, and Security Nation.

Do you want to work with a team that's making certain classes of security threat impossible? Join us!