Raise the Security Bar in Your Cloud Environments

Quickly spot and fix misconfigurations, overly permissive firewall settings, open ports, systems talking to the internet, and more — making your cloud environment more secure.

A screenshot of the OpsHelm dashboard in action

Automate security remediation

OpsHelm does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the big stuff

OpsHelm proactively and intelligently remediates common incidents, misconfigurations, and deviations to keep your organization aligned with your security goals.

Easy onboarding and ongoing collaboration via Slack

Continuous monitoring of GCP or AWS environments

Instant cloud visibility & remediation

Turnkey Incident Response & Remediation

Mistakes happen. We discover when someone accidentally makes an insecure change to your cloud and we remediate automatically — no human intervention needed (unless you want to!).

Spot over-permissive firewall settings

Detect systems that talk to the internet

Discover unmanaged resources in Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Nailing the security fundamental default deny is time-consuming and manual. OpsHelm spots over-permissive firewall configurations (like 'allow all') and service configurations, to fix them immediately.

We get it. Some things are supposed to talk to the internet, but others shouldn't — like a test environment or administration panel (yikes!). OpsHelm tracks all ingress, egress, and bidirectional communication, to ensure only the right conversations take place.

IaC is the next big thing, but is it always managed right? OpsHelm finds the delta of what's in Terraform, and what's not. Whether your transforming a legacy environment, or building new cloud environments, we have you covered.

Map your perimeter, spot any changes to it

Detect potential data exposures

Identify toxic combinations of configurations & permissions

Face it, your perimeter is always changing. We'll keep continuous tabs on your perimeter to make sure no funny business is happening.

It happens: a critical system containing sensitive data is talking to the internet — or it's insecurely connected to something that is talking to the internet. OpsHelm spots it in action and stops it.

Cloud environments are complex labyrinths, and it's easy to get lost in them. We track risky permutations of configurations, user privileges, and permissions that could lead to a compromised system or breach.

Cloud Map

Find, See, & Fix Critical Risks in Minutes

  • Take inventory of your cloud assets

  • See the relationships between your systems, your perimeter, and the internet — fix mistakes instantly and automatically

  • Access a prioritized listed of overly broad configurations, rules, or access that need immediate attention

  • Overlay user access controls to identify high-risk systems and mitigate credential misuse

OpsHelm provides you a comprehensive inventory of all of the assets across all connected cloud accounts

Credential Spill

Detect overprivileged users, instantly

At-a-glance visibility into the blast radius of user: see who in your organization has what level of credentialed access to systems.

  • Stop identity sprawl

  • Zoom in on a single system, see who has access or privileged access to that system

  • Immediate visibility into the impact of a lost or stolen credential

  • Instantly block access in the case of an incident

OpsHelm helps you identify complex access management issues that may not be immediately visible

OpsHelm in Action

It starts with a mistake detected by OpsHelm, and continues with OpsHelm automatically remediating the issue and notifying you that the mistake was fixed.

The steps of the OpsHelm platform's workflow: Misconfiguration, Tracked Change, Problem Identified, Automatic Remediation, and Notification

OpsHelm Under the Hood

Learn more about how OpsHelm works